How to watch Indy 500 2022 live stream Online

The Indianapolis 500 mile race is considered the most spectacular and breathtaking racing competition in the world. The one who loves motor racing, for him  Indy 500  racing day is the most memorable day and nothing can take him away from a single moment of this thrilling performance. 

Indy 500 2022 Live Stream

The  Indy 500  racing competition consists of the Indicar series, an open cockpit, and open-wheel car racing. It is considered part of the triple Crown Motorsport. This century-old racing competition is no more just a  tournament, it is now becoming part of American heritage and culture.

Officially there is a 250,000 seating arrangement by the organizing committee but on the race day, approximately 300,000  spectators enjoy the competition live from the venue. Apart from the venue, the world will be watching the fastest and smoothest driving skills on 29th May 2022,  Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana.

Abstract of 105th Racing of the Indy 500

Main racing date
29th May 2022
Indianapolis Motor Speedway,  Indiana,  United States
Starting time:
6:00 a.m Gates will open for spectators
Starting of the event12:15 p.m
Dropping the green flag12:45 p.m
Racing start1 p.m
Public gates  closing5 p.m
Official broadcasterNBC Sport

Along with NBC Sports, there are many more ways to watch the Indy 500 by which you can enjoy this greatest spectacle racing competition from anywhere in the world. This article will provide you The full guidelines about ‘how to watch the Indy 500 2022 live stream’.

How to watch the Indy 500 live streams for free 

NBC got the official broadcasting right for the most outstanding moto racing in the world. But from the spectators outside the USA,  there are lots of TV channels and online platforms By which everybody can enjoy this driving performance.

Starting Time of different countries For Indy 500 Racing


New York, USA
12:45 PM EDT
Sun, 30 May 2021

Toronto, Canada
12:45 PM EDT
Sun, 30 May 2021

London, United Kingdom
5:45 PM BST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Dublin, Ireland
5:45 PM IST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Stockholm, Sweden
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Madrid, Spain
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Rome, Italy
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Berlin, Germany
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Paris, France
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Warsaw, Poland
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Brussels, Belgium
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Oslo, Norway
6:45 PM CEST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Johannesburg, South Africa
6:45 PM SAST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Bangkok, Thailand
11:45 PM ICT
Sun, 30 May 2021

Jakarta, Indonesia
11:45 PM WIB
Sun, 30 May 2021

Mexico City, Mexico
11:45 AM CDT
Sun, 30 May 2021

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1:45 PM BRT
Sun, 30 May 2021

Moscow, Russia
7:45 PM MSK
Sun, 30 May 2021

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
12:45 AM HKT
Mon, 31 May 2021

New Delhi, India
10:15 PM IST
Sun, 30 May 2021

Bangladesh, Dhaka9.45 PM GMT Sun, 30 May 2021
Srilanka10.00 PM Sun, 30 May 2021
How to Watch Indy Live Stream

How to watch the Indy 500 live in the USA

NBC Sports 

US-based spectators can enjoy the whole show from the official broadcaster of the Indy 500  through the NBC channel.  for watching this whole racing via this channel you just need a connection from a reliable cable or satellite operator.

But if you want to avoid cable or satellite subscription complexities You can stream  NBC from your laptop, macOS,  Linux computer, or other devices. You require a high-speed internet connection in this regard. Moreover, you can catch the live action at the official Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).

How to watch today Indy 500 live  from outside the UK 

sky Sports is highly renowned for broadcasting the Indy 500   racing competition live. So the views from the UK  can enjoy the was most thrilling and exciting racing performance  Indy 500 2022 through Sky Sports.

The British people also enjoy the show from BT Sports and ESPN.  The main event will be started at 4:00 p.m. local time.

How to watch today Indy 500 live in Australia

Over the years Kayo Sports is considered the mainstream broadcaster of the Indianapolis 500  racing competition.  the people of Australia can use some other TV channels to experience the most exciting driving skills.  Fox Sports,  ESPN, and SBS will be streaming the race live of Indy 500 2022. 

How to watch today Indy 500 live in Canada

Sportsnet is the official broadcaster of the Indy 500 in Canada. For Canadian fans, this satellite channel offers some other special celebration content regarding this racing competition. Before starting the competition,  from the archive, they telecast the previous year’s performances and other important moments. 

Sports net is also available in live stream services.  if you want to enjoy this competition using your smartphone,  tablet,  desktop, etc. Just subscribe sports net live stream.  in this package of $9.99 per month, you can also enjoy  NHL, MLB, NBA, and some more exciting sports events.

How to watch  Indy 500 live from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

The spectators from  Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria can enjoy the Indy 500 2022 via DAZN. The DAZN is officially approved in these four European countries.  so the fans of this region should not be worried about this issue.

The monthly subscription is just $1.99 And not only Indy 500 But also some other renowned and popular sports events can be available within the subscription. 

This is streaming service is also available on Smart TVs,  game consoles,  mobile,  tablets,  connected devices, and laptops. The user can cancel the subscription anytime he wants.


In the Netherlands, Ziggo Sports Is broadcasting the Indy 500  racing competition over the years. Just before the starting of the competition you need to tune Ziggo Sport channel 14 and hopefully, you will have uninterrupted service. 

If you download the Ziggo Go app you can easily watch the full race on your mobile,  laptop, tablets, and other devices.  you have to create an account on this app and then log in to my Ziggo Account.  Ziggo Sport is free for the first one month and after this free trial period, I have to pay pound 14.95  per month.


There are thousands of Indy 500 Fans in France.  they can enjoy this competition through  Sky Sports but Canal Plus also broadcasts the Verizon IndyCar series in France. 


Fans from Spain can enjoy their favorite and exciting  Indy 500  wrestling competition through  Movistar. This channel got the special rights to broadcast India 500 2022  and Indycar races in Spain. 

Country-wise  Indy 500 live broadcasting Channels

Kayo  Sports, ESPN ,Fox Sports and SBS 
Indy Stream Line

How to Livestream the Indy 500 2022 anywhere in the world through VPN?

Nowadays VPN is getting more popular and fast-growing service throughout the world. People of Bangladesh can watch any reality show or tournament or anything from any part of the world using VPN.  the specialty of VPN is,  it just allows you to hide the IP address you are using. There are so many reasons for restricting the specified channel By the statutory authority of the respective countries. The widely used VPN  services are:

Among all the VPN services we would recommend you to use expressvpn to enjoy the Indy 500 2022 motor racing competition. Because it is highly trusted,  is to excess,  you can cancel anytime the subscriptions and most importantly you will have smooth services uninterruptedly. 

Just follow the steps below which will help to connect  you with the  Indianapolis 500 2022  wrestling tournament on 29th May:

Step 1: At first go to download the software. You need to have any specific ID to download this app from the official site of this app. but if you already have an ID you can avoid this step.
Step 2: After downloading you have to install the software but before that, you need to be assured that you have downloaded the right version which is applicable for your device.
Step 3: Create your own account first and then sign in to your specific account. Set your location according to your requirements that is from where you are going to enjoy the Indy 500 2022. For example, you have to use a US server to unlock ESPN.
Step 4:  At last,  play a video for testing your setup process.  we recommend you to do this whole procedure couple of hours before the show otherwise you might have a chance to make yourself deprived of experiencing this highly expected racing competition. Please clear your browser cookies for a smooth and satisfying performance.

We also recommend  NordVPN, a high-quality and cost-effective VPN service.  Nord VPN  performs smoothly on different platforms like Windows,  Android, etc. 

You can also use IPVanish to enjoy the upcoming  Indianapolis 500 racing competition.  it is a top-level VPN service that allows you secured and trusted services. If you are conscious of cyber security,  then IPVanish is suitable for you. but this is comparatively expensive than NordVPN.

But above everything,  expressvpn is considered the most trusted and efficient VPN service worldwide. It works on various numbers of platforms like  Mac iOS, Windows, Android, etc. expressvpn has no area restriction, provides the fastest services and you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to watch  the Indy 500  2022  live using smart DNS proxies:

 this is another effective but comparatively less used way to watch different entertainment shows in the world.  smart DNS proxy is just a bypass of any geographical restriction and does it offers you to unblock and stream Any channels beyond a restricted area. If you want to  enjoy the most thrilling and  exciting  motor driving competition of the world  through smart DNS proxies,  then you must follow the following steps:

  • It offers 7 days of trial version which is totally free. I have to go to the unlocator and sign up first.
  • Then unblock the channels in the United States and stream the Indy 500 from anywhere
  • You have to use a valid postal code in the USA  for signing any DNS  proxies.

How to watch  Indy 500  2022 live stream from online platforms? 

Apart from the  TV channels and other satellite services from different parts of the world,  there are lots of online TV channels by which anybody can watch the Indy 500 2022 live stream very comfortably. For so many reasons satellite channels and TVs are not available always for fans.  That is why these Online channels becoming more popular than satellite channels. 

In below there is a list of online channels by which you can experience the Indy 500 2022 live very smoothly.

  • Hulu Plus live TV 
  • Fubu TV
  • AT&T  TV live or Direct TV
  • Sling TV  
Watch Indy 500 Live Stream, hulu, Fubo, Sling, at&ttv,

Hulu plus live TV 

Hulu plus live TV offers a 7 day free trial for its customers. After the free trial period the, charge of 64.99 dollars per month. Hulu Plus live TV is considered one of the most renowned online TV channels.  Within this subscription, you will have 75 Plus channels Along with the  Indianapolis 500 racing competition. No hassle to set up, no hidden fees and you can cancel anytime.

Fubu TV

For the fans of the Indy 500 who will be in a hectic schedule on that tournament day, Fubu TV is comparatively a better option to witness the performance.  It offers a 7 day trial for the customer And after the trial period they have to pay 64.99 dollars per month for smooth and continuous services. Fubu TV offers three specialist packages for the customers.

Fubu Family includes 120 more channels.
Fubu Latin Comes with 32 Spanish language channels
Fubu Elite includes 159 channels. 

Sling TV 

Sling TV is such a streaming service that allows Cord cutters in watching the Indy 500 2022 live racing competition. You will require a high-speed internet connection to enjoy this sling TV for 30 days for free. After this 30 day trial period you have to pay $35 for a month.  so if anybody would like to experience this competition only, a 30 day free trial period is more than enough for him. Sling TV  also offers several packages for the convenience of the customers.

  • Sling orange Offers 30+ channels
  • Sling Blue  offers 40 + channels
  • Sling Orange +  blue  offers 50 + channel

AT&T  TV live  or Direct  TV 

Like Hulu TV,  sling TV, and other online TV channels,  AT&T  TV live is also an app-based streaming service who is doesn’t require satellite or cable connection. This will charge you a minimum of $55 per month. 

If you purchase this package you can watch the content up to three devices at a time. And also you can save your content after 90 days in AT&T TV live.

How to  stream the Indy 500 2022  live on social media

There are some viewers who face a little bit of complexity using cable or satellite connections.  some other is not comfortable in different online TV channels.  for them, there are numbers of social media platforms By which they can enjoy their favorite Drivers’ skills so smoothly and comfortably.  Recently people around the world are using different social media platforms rather than satellite channels for online channels. As before,  the fans around the globe  celebrate  the Indy 500 2022 motor racing competition through the following social media platforms:


Facebook is considered the most popular and vastly used social media platform. Organizers are expecting more than 300,000  spectators will Be watching the Indy 500 2022 motor racing live from Indianapolis Motor Speedway,  Indiana,  United States.  Undoubtedly many of them will go live at the time of the main event. So during the recent time stay connected with Facebook and keep searching for Indy 500  motor racing competitions.  there is a very high possibility to have a live video of the show. We would request you to share the video so that many other people can enjoy the occasion accordingly.


YouTube is well renowned for uploaded videos.  This is also known as the treasure of all videos like entertainment,  learning, Education, etc. The Indianapolis 500  motor racing competition will commence at 1:00 p.m. local time on 29th May  2022.  if you stream on YouTube just after in our There is a very high possibility to have an uploaded video of the show.  We would strongly suggest you download the video before enjoying it because sometimes YouTube removes the uploaded video after a couple of hours for a couple of days.


Twitter is not much widely used as Facebook and YouTube,  but there are some aristocratic and sophisticated users who like to differentiate them from common social media platforms. And for them, Twitter is the best choice. As the Indianapolis 500, a motor racing show is culturally and socially a big event for the people of the United States,  so it is very obvious to have the live stream via Twitter. If you stay connected to your Twitter account at that particular time, You can enjoy your favorite Indy 500 racing skills so comfortably. 


Reddit is another fast-growing and dependable social media option to watch the Indy 500  motor racing competition.  it is totally free and you are just required to stream the link to IndyCar. For people around the world, this social media app is getting popular because of its specific feature and high-quality video resolution. 


Instagram is also a renowned social media platform for sharing videos and photos.  so if you just stay connected in your Instagram account,  there may be some of your friends on the friend list who will enjoy the show before you and upload a video for you.

How to watch  Indy 500  2022  live using different TV apps?

Along with various social media platforms and online TV channels, there are various apps for watching  Indianapolis 500 motor racing competitions. The main advantage of using different apps other than satellite channels is,  it is highly flexible and easy to use.  you can watch  In your favorite shows from anywhere in the world. The world-renowned  apps for watching  Indy 500  motor racing are:

Apple TV app
Samsung  TV app
 Android TV app 
 Vizio TV app
Amazon fire TV app
Watch Indy 500 Live Stream With Apply Tv, Samsung  TV, Android TV, Vizio TV

Associated events  during the  Indianapolis 500 racing competition:

The main event is just one or two motor driving shows.  But the organizer Avengers number of entertainments for the spectators present over there.  the viewers Come to the racing ground not just to enjoy the main event but also the whole day. The day comprises a number of big and small events. The most highlighting  events of the day apart from the main event are:

  • Indy 500 practice
  • Indy 500 parade
  • Legends Day
  • Miller Lite carb day
  • Snake Pit in the 500 

Indy 500 practice 

Drivers need to have a high level of patience, dedication, and endurance to show a memorable driving exhibition at this event. Everybody of them needs a maximum level of practice in the track before restarting the five hundred miles long driving competition. 

The spectators also enjoy with test session of the driver’s performing in the final raising day.   Indy 500 2022 Practice session will commence from  12th May to 18th May. The Crown Royal armed forces qualification station will be held on those days.

Indy 500 parade

It is a common practice over the years that the Indy 500  celebrates the parade with the same importance and arrangements. The fans of the Indy 500  are highly excited to be a part of this aristocratic parade every year.

Legends Day

Indianapolis Motor  Speedway offers and other special events for you and this is Legends day. This event is actually for Motorsport lovers who come from different parts of the world. The legends day, 2022  is scheduled for 23rd May starting time is 3:00 p.m. Apart from the main racing event, this is another lucrative session for the Spectators.

Along with the above events, there are some other special days and events are offered for fans around the world.  These are  Bump Day, Pole day,  Carb day, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How to get Indy 500  2022  2 tickets?

Just visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s official website You have your tickets. it is highly recommended that, collect your ticket before a couple of days of the final day. In the website, you also have a complete view of seating arrangement, Car parking arrangement, and a lot more.

What is the prize money for the Indy 500?

A Massive prize money is offered to the winner of the Indy 500 every year. the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gradually increases the prize money. it ranges from $2 million to $15 million. They have declared already that in the upcoming race the winner will have $100000 additional.

Who won the Indy 500 2021?

Takuma Sato, a Japanese driver won the Indy 500 2021.

Final words

Not just for the people of the USA But also around the globe,  this India 500 racing competition is a source of thrill,  excitement,  amusement, and pure entertainment. The motor racing lovers never miss a single moment of this occasion. 

 Hopefully,  this article gives you a complete guideline about how to watch the  Indy 500 2022. We believe, Now it is not a matter wherever you are to enjoy the greatest show. If there are any changes or updates from the organizers,  just keep browsing our pages.  We will not let you miss a single announcement from them. Stay safe.

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